Monday, January 26, 2015

Midterm Week Progress

The past two weeks of my life were absolutly consumed with midterms. For the whole two weeks after I wrote my last blog post on being all excited about having a solid book idea, I was up past midnight every single night studying for the midterm tests that I was taking. In fact for my chemistry test I stayed up until 4 am preparing for it, got 3 hours of sleep and made it trhough the test on loads of caffine. I did well on the test so it was worth it, but with all of this studying going on I could not find the time to work on my story at all. Grades were my priority these past two weeks and I could not afford to carve out any time, so sadly I didn't get any work done on my story. I'll try and make up for it on these upcoming weeks, but these two weeks were a major flop for my project.

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