Sunday, January 11, 2015

Blog Post #5- Winter update

Hey everybody! It's been a while. Last time you saw me I had deleted two pages of one story idea I had begun to write. Well, now I've deleted even more pages sadly. I flushed two more ideas down the drain. They were good too, but again these felt forced. I can't describe the feeling but these stories just felt wrong. They didn't fit well with me, and once I got a few pages into them I realized again that this wasn't going to work. Getting this thing started is harder than I thought. I expected that the words and ideas would just flow onto the page like water, but that hasn't happened yet. This is so much easier said than done than what I had originally expected. However I haven't been able to give this project the amount of time I should have over the winter break. I spent a lot of free time doing things that could have been time spent working on this project. I did put a considerable amount of time into those two other ideas though, I sat down and just worked like an adult for a change in my life, but was unsatisfied with my work. I just feel like I could have spent more time on it. So here I am at ground zero... again. But wait, there's a plot twist! I've started writing a new story! And guess what? I'm a page in and I haven't burned it in a glorious fire yet! Yay! I started this idea last Friday in class and I like where its going. Starting these things are hard, The first sentence struggle is so real though, I rewrote it around 50 times, but I like the idea I have planned out. Plenty of potential here in this one idea for expansion and development. I'll be sure to keep you all up to date on how the story goes, but I think this one is a keeper!

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